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Digital Presence and the Army

I am no longer active on any social media platform or app, so this blog is (ideally) the only real time digital representation of who I am as a person. The DoD has a policy that officers show restraint in how they outwardly display political views (read more about this here), which I take very seriously. In this blog, you will not find content that explicitly points to which way I lean politically and I will try my best to analyze a situation from a non-partisan perspective.

You can find a copy of my résumé on LinkedIn or email me to request a more up-to-date copy.


Just a techie trying his best to engage in the policy process

Hello! My name is Nolan Hedglin and I am a cyber officer in the Army currently pursuing a Master's in Electrical Engineering and the Technology and Policy at MIT. As you can probably guess from coming across this blog, in my free time I enjoy exploring issues in how we incorporate new technologies into society and also how those technologies are developed in the first place. The way we do both, in my opinion, is a reflection of the values that our society prioritizes at the time.

I am currently conducting research in building a network to distribute quantum information (i.e. qubits) between two nodes. All of the work I do is on the physical networking layer. On the side, I also think and write about what standards and governing bodies need to be created now in order to ensure that we are satisfied with the quantum Internet of the future. Laced throughout this blog are posts about my thoughts on the relationship that I believe society will have with quantum technology.

In my free time, I do a lot of physical activities such as rugby, hockey, and hiking. I am also trying to explore my artistic side a little more, so I have recently picked up creative writing. If you send me a prompt, I will write you a short story.

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