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A couple tech policy newsletters that I follow

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Beyond reading the news daily, it can be a challenge finding rigorous analysis from experts on how technology affects our daily lives. Below, I have described two newsletters that I think do a good job of covering daily issues in tech policy.

Cybersecurity: Crypto-Gram by Bruce Schneier

Bruce is a cybersecurity fellow at Harvard and former CTO of IBM Resilient. He is well known among the crypto community for his strong opinions on privacy and security. His newsletter, Cryptogram, is a nice round-up on all the cyber news you could ever ask for. It includes a list of opinions he has written for his blog, Schneier on Security, as well as cyber news from around the world. From anecdotal experience, Bruce is also the only person I have seen use the term "engaged technologist" regularly. Check it out here.

Social media and democracy: The Interface by Casey Newton

If you are not familiar with it, Casey Newton of the Verge has a newsletter where he regularly discusses how social media is affecting our democratic institutions. It's a thorough well-thought out form of analysis from a journalist who regularly reports about the actions of large tech companies in the US. You can check it out here.

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